LifeCodes GameStats

What is LifeCodes GameStats?

LifeCodes GameStats is a software that will help out any type of Steam server owners who want to help their players and admins out regarding viewing data or changing data.

LifeCodes GameStats will support the following games:
ArmA 3
ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead
ArmA 2
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Garry's Mod
And many more

What can you do with this software?

What can Admins do?
They can view players data and change their stats depending on which stats the Master Admin picked out
Kick players
and ban players

What can Master Admins do?
They can pick any type of data from your database that you want your players to see
Edit permissions for admins, changing what type of data they can edit on your players
Make people admin
Change settings like server info and database settings and they can do the same as any other admins

What can players do?
They can view their in-game stats, they can view server info like amount of players online, server status and server title and they can join your server straight from the program. Let's say your not home and you wanna check how many people are on the server or you just wanna check your in-game stats then all you need to do is start the LifeCodes GameStats App on your phone and you will be able to view all the info you want or let's say your an admin and you need to kick/ban someone, you can do that straight from your phone with this app and many more features to be made

Is this secure?

Yes, LifeCodes GameStats is not storing any data in plaintext, all data that can be abused is encrypted and stored in a secure database hosted by our hosting supplier. One of our main focus is security.

Why is the design so bad?

We are currently trying to make this app most secure and make sure all the functions are working before we focus on the design, this app is still in Alpha so expect some big changes in the future.

Who can download this?

This software can be downloaded on any windows users and soon for Android and IOS!

How can I have my own server on this?

You would need to be paying 30 dollars for this and then you will get a licenses key to register your own server!
If you have any questions feel free to send us a mail to

Download link

Download Status: OFFLINE

Windows users: Click here

Version: 0.1

Alpha Screenshots

Notice this version is in Alpha so the design has not been a focus on these pictures!

Connect to a server: View image

Register server: View image

User login: View image

User dashboard: View image

Master AdminPanel (Adding custom data): View image

Added custom data phonenumber to view ingame phonenumber: View image

AdminPanel: View image

Server info: View image

Settings: View image